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Fface unveils Fface Calendar 2020 in the glamorous presence of Actress Paayel Sarkar as the brand face

Fface, (Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence), one of the prominent talent management brands of Eastern India launched the seventh edition of the Fface Calendar for 2020 at The Park, Kolkata recently. The launch witnessed the glamorous presence of Popular Tollywood Faces – Actress Subhasree Ganguly, Director Raj Chakraborty, Director Arindam Sil, Actor Vikram Chatterjee, Actor Sean Banerjee, Actress Falaque Rashid Roy, Mr. Neil Roy, Founder-Director of Fface; Ms. Paromita Ghosh, Strategic Consultant-Director of Fface and Mr. Indroneel Mukherjee, Fashion Director of Fface along with the Brand Face of Fface Calendar 2020, Actress Paayel Sarkar.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Neil Roy, Founder-Director, FFACE said “Fface is incomplete without the constant love and support that we have received each year from our audiences. I would like to thank everyone for believing in us and extending their hand of support towards us, especially our sponsors, without their help and faith in our venture; we wouldn’t be able to reach on its seventh edition.” He also added, “We are launching the first ever website whereby aspiring models and actors get directly connected to production houses, channels, fashion houses etc. This would be a place where aspiring talents can maintain their entertainment profile.” The website is first of its kind in India and will be available as in collaboration with Tollykata.

The launch marked a gala fashion show unveiling the final twelve new faces featuring in FFace Calendar 2020. The finalist wore trendy outfits from Max Fashions’ Spring Collection whereas the introduction round has the calendar models sporting Fface uniforms designs by Indroneel Mukherjee. The costumes in this edition of FFACE Calendar were designed by Estri. Fface is known for setting standards when it comes to the fashion and entertainment industry and that stood corrected when the entire model oozed with confidence and created an edge for them at the thrilling fashion show. The top twelve finalists for this edition were Abhilasha, Somsmita, Sreeparna, Madhutrisha, Srishti, Samarpita, Ritick, Anju, Asmita, Preety, Aindrilla, Raima and a rising talent –Raayna.

The show was followed by Awards where the contestants were awarded by from Auli, Macintel, Be Bonnie, SH Mumtazuddin, Rush Fitness, Max Fashion and Fujifilm. Finally the show ended when the beautiful actress Paayel Sarkar was introduced as the Brand Face of Fface Calendar 2020. The actor seemed extremely thrilled and happy to be a part of such an exciting and youth oriented venture.

Fface (Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence):
Fface is prominent talent management brand in eastern India. It is the platform provided to aspiring actors, models, fashion photographers, designers, make-up artists and the like who are meticulously chosen by a distinguished panel of judges from the fashion and film fraternity. Their abilities are showcased through the Fface Calendar and other Fface events side by side with eminent Tollywood celebrities and celebrities from different walks of life.

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