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Star Jalsha takes viewers on a mystical journey with “Nojor”

Breaking barriers, conventional stereotypes and presenting path breaking stories, Star Jalsha has always paved the way for excellence on the small screen.
With its new avatar, the channel is set to offer a host of new stories and characters along with its existing shows that will appeal to audience across age groups.
Taking this endeavor forward, Star Jalsha’s latest offering is a mystical enigma which will showcase the ultimate battle of good versus evil. Depicting stories of the real and imaginary, normal and paranormal, the channel is ready to take its viewers on a riveting journey of the unknown with “Nojor”.

India is a land of folklores bathed in endless allegories founded across centuries. One such story deeply entrenched in our psyches is that of sorcerers, and their Evil Eye or ‘BuriNazar’, one which destroys anything and anyone in its vicinity.
A gripping tale of mortal meets immortal and the dire consequences that follow is what the journey of the show is all about. Nojor unfolds the tale of a witch’s dark energies that are said to surround the Roy family since generations and how this affects their lives.
When normal is not what it appears to be, the show will chart the events that unfoldwhilst under the spell of a supernatural entity.Produced by Surinder Films, who have introduced a gamut of popular mega serials like Kiranmala and Om NamahShivay,“Nojor” boasts of a stellar star cast. The show marks the comeback of Actress Sampurna Lahirion the small screen. Actor John and Actress Diya will also be seen in lead roles.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Nispal Singh Rane, Producer, Nojor said “On 10 years of our association with Star Jalsha, we are really excited to be producing the biggest supernatural thriller show in Bengal…Nojor! It will have the top-notch production value along with marvelous VFX to suit the show to the T!”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sagnik Ghosh, EVP & Channel Head – Star Jalsha and Jalsha Movies said, “Star Jalsha has always endeavored to showcase a diverse range of stories across genres. We are delving into the genre of supernatural fantasy with “Nojor”. Armed with dynamic visuals, stellar cast and compelling storyline, we promise a never seen before entertainment joyride for the small screen. We are very excited to take our viewers on this thrill ride which promises a nuanced Bengali television experience.”
A thrill ride filled with suspense, mystery and a host of celestial beings never seen on Bengali television, Nojor is all set to hit the small screen on 18th March at 10.30 pm, Mon- Sun on Star Jalsha SD and Star Jalsha HD.


Star Jalsha takes viewers on a mystical journey with “Nojor”
Star Jalsha takes viewers on a mystical journey with “Nojor”

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