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Star Jalsha’s upcoming show is about weaving dreams into reality: ‘Bijoyini’

Setting benchmarks for over a decade, Star Jalsha has always paved the way for iconic and heartwarming stories for its viewers on the small screen. Having explored and presented a plethora of exciting narratives, Star Jalsha is all set to present a story about ambition, determination and dreams.

In a time when dream come true stories are more of a fantasy than reality, we present a show which tells a tale about a young dreamer who defied all odds to fulfill her vision. This December, Star Jalsha brings to you ‘Bijoyini’- the story of Keka, an inspiring tale of a woman, fighting against the social stigma surrounding her profession of being a street dancer, thus challenging the elitist way of becoming a successful dancer only through conventional training.

‘Bijoyini’ explores Keka’s journey through various stages. The story explains that true talent can never be suppressed as it will pave its way to the top. Amidst chaos and turmoil, the show will chart a young girl’s unstoppable quest to pursue her ambitions by supporting herself and her family, by living a dual life – driving a toto by the day and performing at the Macha at night. Dance in any form has not been explored to this extent, hence, this will be a story to look forward.

 ‘Bijoyini’ features a fresh lead pair- Keka played by Lekha Chatterjee, Ritwik played by Imtiaj Haque along with ace actor Anjana Basu who plays the role of Subarna,Ritwik’s mother and a renowned classical dancer.

Mr. Sagnik Ghosh, Executive Vice President and Channel Head, Star Jalsha and Jalsha Movies said, “Star Jalsha has always taken the onus to introduce impactful stories which our viewers can relate to. ‘Bijoyini’ is our endeavor to put forth the message that true talent will always rise above boundaries. We are excited to showcase Keka’s extraordinary journey.”

Bijoyini to start from 24th Dec onwards, Monday-Saturday, 9pm in Star Jalsha SD and HD.

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