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“Dwikhondityo” A Film By “Nabarun Sen”

Nabarun Sen is Senior IT professional based in Singapore who has been observing Bengali cinema since a very long time. He hardly gives a miss to any movie releasing each Friday though he doesn’t gets to visit his motherland often. As Nabarun feel, Bengali cinema has to be more content driven and artistic ,he decided to take time time off his extremely hectic schedule and give shape to his long written movie “Dwikhondityo”,which is a story of a man suffering from Dis-associative Identity Disorder…

Kaushik(played by Saswata Chatterjee) is a writer who writes an intense drama revolving round a character called “Bipin” who loses his wife ,daughter and mother in a land-dispute in his village Panchayat. Soon after writing this critical story Kaushik starts hallucinating the various characters of the story and feels for them actually. This goes to such an extent that it became quite impossible for Sumana(played by Anjana Basu),Kaushik’s wife to handle things back home .Kaushik got admitted !

Dr.Dipa(played by Saayoni Ghosh) took charge of the matter where it was diagnosed to be dis-associative identity disorder of Kaushik and he shouts various moments from his story of Bipin…!
Sumana shares every detail of Kaushik with Dr.Dipa…

On the other part of the city, Ritwick(played by Kaushik Kar)a struggling assistant director reads the story of Bipin in a newspaper and goes searching for Kaushik that is the writer .He arrived at the doorsteps of Sumana and Kaushik and gets to know that the writer is extremely sick with something rare and unusual. Sumana comes to know about the interest of Ritwick in Kaushik’s story . Dr.Deepa and Sumana decides to produce “Bipin” as a story where Kaushik will play the director,as suggested by Dr.Dipa and they starts trusting the matter that it would work as a therapy to Kaushik and it would bring him back from his complex state….!What happens and how the drama unfolds is a matter to be watched out for “Dwikhondityo” is a strong drama with heavy overtones of psychology and thrill.

Photograph by- নিজস্ব প্রতিনিধি

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