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CK Birla Hospitals joined hands with Kolkata Knight Riders as official healthcare partner

23 April, 2018, Kolkata: CK Birla Hospitals, the iconic name in the health industry in Eastern India is proud to be the official healthcare partner of Kolkata Knight Riders for IPL 2018. Today KKR players visited the Sports medicine department of CMRI and met the little heroes, our little champs who had an opportunity to meet their super heroes. The players looked at the all-inclusive medical facility at the Sports medicine department. CK Birla Hospitals is providing specialized clinical treatment holistically in multiple areas like spine care, bone and joint pain, cardio rehab, and sports medicine. Its well-equipped ambulance and kiosks are set up at different radiuses of the stadium and ensuring constant and easy access to medical aid within the entire stadium. Being the healthcare partner of KKR, CMRI and BMB, the two landmark entities of the hospital primarily aim to deliver premium medical assistance to on-ground emergencies. The core team is headed by an expert group of clinicians who are taking care of KKR team 24×7.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Uttam Bose, Group CEO, CK Birla Hospitals, says, “We are extremely delighted to be KKR’s healthcare partner we support the team for their victory with great vigor. Being a patient centric hospital CK Birla Hospitals is synonymous to medical innovation and this partnership lends a boost to our excellence in sports medicine. We have an exceptional Sports Medicine Department which is prepared for eventualities of every kind. Our dedicated team of doctors is catering to robust physical fitness of the players, so that the knights can fight their way to glory. I want to specially thank the players who met our little champs who are our patients and it’s wonderful to see that they meet their Super Heroes. We are happy to be a part of making their dream come true.”

Streamlining a special healthcare team comprising doctors and para-medics from required fields CK Birla Hospitals have prioritized safe and proficient treatment for KKR. With regular team-briefings and training sessions the entire healthcare team is ever-ready to keep the knights fighting fit. While providing comprehensive medical care to the players, CK Birla Hospitals haven’t forgotten about their fans! Now fans can log in to the official partnership page of CK Birla Hospitals-KKR and answer a few questions on their favourite Knight Rider players and be eligible to win match tickets and cool merchandise.
About CK Birla Hospitals:
CK Birla Hospitals, comprises three landmark identities, CMRI (The Calcutta Medical Research Institute), BMB (BM Birla Heart Research Centre) and its recent venture, RBH (Rukmani Birla Hospital).
It has set milestones in the healthcare Industry for over four decades. The hospitals are intrinsically bound by three integrated philosophies— Clinical Excellence, Ethical Conduct and Patient Centricity. These operating philosophies have been pivotal in making the hospitals grow and serve people who are in need of quality healthcare.
The three units of CK Birla Hospitals, having established themselves in Kolkata and Jaipur, offer 800 plus beds with comprehensive outpatient and inpatient services. Working on a mission to providing quality healthcare for all, the hospitals so far have performed over 5.5 lakh successful surgeries, 1.9 lakh Cath lab procedures and 22,000 critical cardiac surgeries. Supported by the latest technology and modern infrastructure, these hospitals continue to set new standards of Cure and Care.

Photograph by- jayati talapatra


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