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Sports stars together on its Aditya Group Founder Day

Aditya Group Founder Day

Aditya Group, celebrated its 4th Founder’s Day on the momentous occasion of Lt. Mr. Bhaskar Aditya’s birthday, a man whose vision to serve Humanity has changed innumerable lives, at the Aditya School of Sports Complex in Dumdum, Jessore Road.

The day was made memorable with the felicitation of four exceptionally talented sportspersons who have been instrumental in creating history for the nation in the recent past. Aditya Group today celebrated the recent sensational from Bengal U19 world cup winner, Ishan Porel, World cup for the Blind winner, SurajitGhara, Renowned Shooter JoydeepKarmakar and his student Ms. Mehuli Ghosh who has been nominated to represent the nation at the upcoming Commonwealth Games this year.

Mr. Anirban Aditya, Chairman Aditya Group said “It gives me immense joy and pleasure to be able to celebrate excellence and it is excellence in sports that we are celebrating today on the birth anniversary of my father and the beloved founder Chairman of Aditya Sansar, Lt. Mr. Bhaskar Aditya. I take this opportunity to congratulate Ishan, Surajit and Joydeep for their phenomenal success and wish Mehuli all the very best and hope that she will make Bengal and India immensely proud in all her future endeavors. The Founder was always a sports lover himself and promoted young minds and we are simply following his footsteps. Today, is the best day to showcase such talent on this stage. We as a group are always beside them for any help in the long run and they are always welcome to enjoy our facilities.”

Photograph by- Koyel Paul

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