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When Kolkata is trying to recover from the depression of its all-time biggest festival and heartwrenching goodbyes
to Devi Durga, Kalipuja starts knocking at the door followed by Bhai Phonta to keep the “Bangalir baromase tero parbon” ongoing. When the Durga puja ends we start counting dates to know how many days are left to celebrate the “Kali Puja’’ and then the day after “Bhai Phonta” because festivities are in our blood.

“Kali Puja” and “Bhai Phonta” have their kind of emotional touch in every Bengali’s life. Years after years, Kali Puja is celebrated to get rid of all negative emotions and for spiritual enlightenment. On Kali Puja, devotees worship Goddess Kali in their homes and pandals. Many localities host parties on this auspicious day, while some stay busy prepping up for the Bhai Phonta rituals for their annoying yet loving brothers. This ritual is celebrated to rejoice the pure and powerful bondage between the siblings. Buying sweets and gifts for the brothers, planning
the menu for the day, and saving some “Crackers” to burn together, that’s how the planning goes on for the special day of Bhai Phonta. “Bhai er kopale dilam phota, jomer duyare porlo kanta” echoes in the air from almost every Bengali household. As none of the occasions of Bengalis are celebrated without mouth-watering food items hence, these are also of no exception.

Culture and tradition are a cardinal part of Bengalis’ life and we, Bengalis are extremely sentimental about our roots. We are often indulged in discussions about how old days were and so one such word that triggers the nostalgic memories of childhood and adolescence is “Chilekotha”. From listening to grandmothers stories sitting with the siblings and playing “Ghar Ghar” to teenage heart-breaks, Chilekotha is the place that has witnessed how we all grew up.

But the appeal of Chilekotha has been gradually losing in this modernized world, in the same manner; we are losing traditions for the sake of maintaining our busylives. The same goes for “Bhai Phonta”, the busy schedules carry on being the barrier to the joyous celebration of any traditional occasion because sparing time for the arrangements is being near to impossible. So what’s the solution to all these?

Don’t worry, because this year our favourite Bengali restaurant “Chilekotha” is presenting you with the chance to celebrate Bhai Phonta along with Kali Puja in the core Bengali style along with the sumptuous Thalis specially prepared for the festival. “Chilekotha”, a retro-style restaurant located in the Dover Lane near Gariahat, has been
impressing the Kolkata gastronomes with its delectable Bengali delicacies and nostalgic vintage style interior since its inception and for Bhai Phonta they have come up with a special celebration package at only Rs. 299/- which will include a plate full of different varieties of sweets specially prepared for the occasion accompanied by paddy grain, Dubba, an oil lamp and Sandalwood which are necessary for the ceremony. Hence by pre-booking the package one can celebrate the ceremony in Chilekotha while indulging in their sumptuous delicacies. And as
“Bhuribhoj” seems to be the indispensable part of this celebration, they have planned few Bhai Phonta special thalis, which will be available from 25th October 2019 to 31st October 2019, hence not only on the day of Bhai Phonta, but we can also relish these Thalis during Kalipuja & Diwali. The thalis range from Rs. 450/- to Rs. 920/-.


The Premium thali includes lip-smacking dishes like Mutton Chop, Lonka Bhape Murgi, Macher Dimer Bora, Kancha Lanka Dhone Patar Aloor Dom, Sorshe Ilish, Mutton Kosha, etc. The standard thali includes Goalondo steamer chicken curry, Pabdar Jhol, etc. along with other items. They have also prepared a veg thali for the ones who would want to opt for veg dishes.

This Veg Thali includes Chanar Guli Polao, Chanar Kalia, Thakurbarir Niramish Fulkopi, etc. So, if someone wants to eat only veg during Diwali and Kalipuja then, Chilekotha’s Veg Thali will be just to perfect for them to enjoy this festive season with good food. No meal is complete without a sugary rush and this time Chilekotha has brought in a
completely different “Mishti” called “Saatpuri”. Sounds sweetly interesting, right? So let’s shoot up the interest more by telling you the story that these sweet bears. “Saatpuri”, which is originally from Medinipur, is sent to the groom’s house on Saatpuri Amavasya(New moon) as a token of love from the bride’s house. It is the old tradition that has been continuing for hundreds of years. Hence Chilekotha selected this sweet along with their Baked Patisapta as desserts for Bhai Phonta, as a symbol of celebrating “Subha Anusthan”.


So, don’t miss the chance to make the day special and celebrate festivities with your family with the luscious Bengali cuisine prompting the nostalgia only at s“Chilekotha”. For booking, one can contact on 98360 08522


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