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The magnum-opus, Aajisai, the fine-dining Japanese eatery, that opened doors nearly two years ago, located on the 5th floor of Quest Mall has been pleasing the gourmands of Kolkata with authentic Japanese delicacies & a hand full of experiences like never before since its inception! Being the first one to introduce the fully automatic Sushi Conveyor belt for a-la-carte dishes, Aajisai has already won our hearts with its unique and inviting aspect. It is also among the first Japanese restaurants in the city to have a live Teppanyaki section divided into veg and non-veg.

And now they are back with a new Chef’s Special menu after seven long months. There’s a misconception about this cuisine which often makes people assume the meaning of Japanese food to be raw fish and sushi. So in order to give the patrons a whole new experience, this special menu crafted by Chef Rawat promise inventive creations and interesting mix to choose from which would cajole your senses.

This menu comprises of everything one would wish for. From Appetizers to soups to sushi and sashimi to authentic Japanese main course and of course desserts, the menu has got it all! Some of the must-try items are Love Boat, which comes with three varieties of sushi – Chicken Teriyaki, Prawn Tempura Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll, Burnt Garlic Prawns, which is a teppanyaki dish made from wasabi parsley and condensed milk. This has some mild flavour notes with garlic being the dominant one. You can also try their Naki Yiku Chicken, which is actually a pan grilled chicken tossed in a sweet-and-sour gravy or Exotic Vegetables in Chilli Black Bean Sauce, and last but not the least, the cracker of a dish – Renkon Chips, this one is a crispy and crunchy lotus stem, served with honey chilli sauce. The menu also comprises of Dessert of the Day, where you can indulge in different, surprising yet sumptuous desserts every day!

“As a restaurateur, I always feel that we should keep updating ourselves so that we can entertain our existing clientele as well as engage new people. We are sure nobody wants to eat the same food again and again, regardless of how good it tastes. Like you all even we love new things and certain changes for the betterment. Hence we decided to come up with this chef’s the special menu along with our regular menu, which will offer more varieties from Japanese cuisine. This would not only satisfy the cravings of our regular guests but would also attract a
new class of refined guests to indulge into a whole new experience”, said Palash Banerjee, the managing director of Aajisai.

So what are you waiting for? Drop-in at your favourite Japanese eatery at any time between 12 Noon to 10:30 PM and make your day special with their sumptuous Chef’s Special Menu! The cost for two is approx Rs. 1600/- plus (with alcohol).


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