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Gorge on Bengali delicacies to celebrate “Poila Baisakh” in RTB

Calcutta’s Poila Baisakh is celebrated as Bengali New Year with magnificent grandeur. But, when we are talking about Poila Baisakh, what comes to mind is the food. Merely thinking about Bengali cuisine, the fish kabiraji, and hundred other dishes just makes us not wanting to wait anymore for Poila Baisakh. And guess who understood our
immense love for food? Yes, the answer is Raize The Bar!

Raize The Bar is one of the oldest microbreweries in Kolkata. It has come up as one of the best Microbrewery in years dedicating itself in a warm and inviting pubbing and clubbing experience like no other. Located in the midst of the IT hub of Kolkata in Sector V, RAIZE the BAR is a beer lover’s dream destination with an in-house micro-brewery that brews some of the finest premium beer ones can imagine. The concept of craft beer was new when
Microbreweries commenced their journey and since then they are consistently leading the charge towards perfecting it. RAIZE the BAR is dedicated to offer their patrons a warm and inviting dining experience too. The best part about a festival is the food which is served in the occasion and RTB understands the mind of its diner so well, that they have customized a separate menu consisting of only Poila Baisakh Bengali delicacies to complement the festival.

The Poila Baishakh special menu consists of Plantain Flower Cutlet, Veg Dumpling, Fish Kabiraji,Fish Cutlet,Fried Chicken,Tandoori Stuffed Aloor Jhol With Lachha Paratha ,Roasted Gobi Chochori With Phulko Luchi, DhokarDalna With Herb Rice, Bbq Chicken Gota Masala With Pepper Rice, Kacha Lanka Diye Roast Lamb Chop With Parsley Ghee Bhaat, Oven Roast Fish Curry With Lemon Coriander Rice,Grilled Prawn Malai Curry With Ghee Bhaat. These dishes on one table, waiting to satisfy your taste buds. RTB will serve their Poila Baisakh Special Menu from 10th April to 23rd April, 2019.

We can’t wait for The Day. This Poila Baisakh dress up in your best apparels and head to RTB to share joyous moments with Friends and Family and Food.
Address: Plot No 5, Godrej Waterside IT Park, College More, DP Block, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091
Timing: 12PM -12AM
Price for two: 1800 +taxes (with alcohol)


Gorge on Bengali delicacies to celebrate “Poila Baisakh” in RTB
Gorge on Bengali delicacies to celebrate “Poila Baisakh” in RTB
Gorge on Bengali delicacies to celebrate “Poila Baisakh” in RTB

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