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2nd edition of Sanmarg Dialogues - "वाद संवाद" a platform for intellectuals from varied backgrounds to engage and express views What's New Life সাপ্তাহিক লগ্নফল – ১৭ থেকে ২৩ জানুয়ারি ২০২১ What's New Life রাজ্যের দৈনিক কোভিড🦠 আপডেট ১৬ জানুয়ারি ২০২১ What's New Life 🇧🇩 খুব শীঘ্রই পাবে বাংলাদেশ কোভিড ভ্যাকসিন : বিক্রম কে দোরাইস্বামী What's New Life 🇧🇩 শান্তিপূর্ণভাবে সম্পন্ন হয়েছে নির্বাচন : মোঃ আলমগীর What's New Life ট্যুইটারে ট্রেনডিং বয়কট তান্ডব What's New Life তিন দিনেই ছুঁয়ে ফেললো ₹১০০ কোটি থালাপতি বিজয়ের মাস্টার What's New Life দেশের দৈনিক কোভিড🦠 আপডেট ১৬ জানুয়ারি ২০২১ What's New Life পশ্চিমবঙ্গেও শুরু হলো করোনার টিকাকরণ What's New Life দেশজুড়ে করোনা টিকাকরণের সূচনা করলেন প্রধানমন্ত্রী মোদী What's New Life


What is that one thing which we all miss about our college days? Of course, the college canteen! It would be an understatement to say that the canteen culture is an important part of college life. It’s undoubtedly more than that. It is not just a place, it’s an emotion. It’s not just a cafeteria where we go only to have food but it’s also the best spot to hang out with your friends. To be more precise, it certainly is the hall where your percentage of attendance is always higher than that in the classroom. Feeling too nostalgic already?

Don’t worry, to cheer you up the city of joy has in store for us a new spot where we can relive all our college canteen memories in a whole new way and style. Canteen Pub & Grub, located on the 3rd floor of City Centre 1, Salt Lake, owned by Swastik Nag is all set to welcome the patrons for a whole new
experience altogether. Similar to our college canteens, this place offers the same feel with a fresh vibe and services as self-service (along with the regular table service mode).

But the major difference from our regular college canteens is that along with the regular food counter comprising multi-cuisine dishes, the place also offers a lavish bar counter.

The decor of this place can be called contemporary yet industrial chic because the architecture gives a fresh feel with rustic old vibe. The style of the place is kept with a mixture of opposites, on one hand it’s kept contemporary with floral wallpapers, designer wooden works, array of designer photo frames and
80’s inspired flooring. While on the other hand it has its quirky quotient on place with the potted plants everywhere, graffiti on the walls, recycled railway sleeper wood furniture and neon signs. The entire interior of the place is done by none other than the owner Swastik Nag.

Canteen Pub and Grub is serving an innovative cocktail and global food menu prepared under the guidance of their head mixologist.

Their Cocktail range is inspired from the ordinary road side items of India and will give you “Hindusthan ka Swadd” in every sip. Let’s peep into some of the cocktails from their “Canteen Drinks” menu. Imli Chatka- a spicy mixture of tamarind syrup and tequila with added kosher salt, gondhoraj lemon and
chilli, Kesaria-vodka based drink prepared from fresh cream and orange pulp to make you miss your college thadai, Aam Janta-vodka based concoction to trigger the memories of the bygone days.

They have also introduced a Covid-19 special cocktail, Haldi Lagao Re, that has turmeric, vodka, basil leaves, orange juice and slices of Gondhoraj.

Not only have the cocktails, this menu offers an extensive range of alcoholic beverages that makes it a perfect stop for any alcoholic.

Coming to “Canteen Eats” which includes delicacies presented in typical “Canteen” way.

Let’s talk about the owner’s choice first. Being a Sushi lover, Swastik always missed the sushi in his college canteen. But his canteen serves delicious Chilli Avocado Nigri which is Sushi with Japanese Chilli and vegetables and is served with wasabi, soy and pickled ginger or gari.

Not only the menu is alluring but the names of the dishes are fascinating as well.

Sharabi Jhinga, Pizza Kosha, Kerala prawn curry with lemon, Misti Doi cheese cake and many more such items are there on their menu to satiate your palate “Bohot Hard”.

So don’t waste your time and drop in at Canteen Pub and Grub with your gang to amp up your mood in canteen way.

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