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Aakansha Manglani Celebrates This Festive Season With Underprivileged Children

Aakanksha Manglani, Mrs. India Worldwide East 2018​ participated in a charity work for the under privileged children.​ Lions club of Kolkata Hausla organised a service activity recently, more than 150 people 48 families were provided with gifts on the occasion of this festive season. The gifts were purchased from funds which were collected from contributions of Lions Club members and the other donors. The whole concept behind this was to bring a smile on the children’s faces this festive season.

Aakanksha Manglani always had an inclination towards helping to the poor since a very young age. This Puja she wanted to shower happiness to the less fortunate kids by giving them gifts .
Speaking on this occasion Aakanksha Manglani said “In this festive season everyone deserves to be happy and everyone loves receiving gifts. So Lion’s Club has taken this beautiful initiative to provide gifts to the less fortunate people and bring a smile on their faces. I feel proud and happy to be a part of this initiative”.


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