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Breaking Norms through Her Art- Artist Surabhi Agarwal

Hailing from a business family, Surabhi Agarwal never had plans to take up art as a career, but as they say, when you get the call, you cannot ignore it. Such is the case with artist Surabhi Agarwal.

A graduate in Management Science from Australia, Surabhi has always been interested in art and often gifted her artworks to friends and family. It was her dear friends who forced her to put up an art show in 2016 and from there began her journey. A self-taught artist, Surabhi Agarwal went on to pursue her career as an artist, after her
first show was sold out. She did a course on sculpturing from Shuvaprassana and a course on etching from Laxma Goud.

Breaking Norms through Her Art- Artist Surabhi Agarwal

An artist per excellence, she has depicted the ethos of self-expression as truthfully as possible through her creations. She has the amazing ability to portray the inner beauty of her subjects through her artistic creations; her colours are beyond vibrant and each of her pieces depicts a beautiful story. Hailing from a family that does not allow women to work, her paintings often speaks of liberation and women empowerment and portrays women beautifully.

The possibilities of limitless and the infinite are explored beautifully through her art because Surabhi understands that no artistic endeavor can be satisfactorily accomplished in constraint. Unleashing her imagination, she explores the depth of her subjects on canvas so that each of her artwork becomes a beautiful timeless story.
She also creates amazing doodle work and is known for her Kolkata series, which is an amazing depiction of the City of Joy. She has also ventured into the world of customized gifts, which includes coffee mugs, coasters, trays, wall paintings and many such things, which you can definitely choose, when you are planning to gift your dear ones
something special for a festive occasion, weddings or just as a token of love.

Breaking Norms through Her Art- Artist Surabhi Agarwal

She is also an avid traveller, who makes sure to meet artists from across the globe, visit museums and learn more about art and culture of the place she is visiting.

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