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An Initiative by BBIT Sit &Draw Competition to Encourage Students

Budge Budge Institute of Technology(BBIT), one of the prominent educational institutes of West Bengal has taken an initiative for children. They have been organizing a Sit and Draw Competition for all children in the surrounding area between the ages of 3 – 13 years, BBITis collaborating with Calcutta Heritage Round Table 67″, an NGO under the name of “Round Table India” in the school ground itself, in thees teemed presence of Shri Ashoke Kumar Deb, MLA, Mr. Jagannath Gupta, Chairman of BBIT, and Mr. Tapas Satapathi, Group Director, BBIT, and others who have graced the event today. BBIT Public School provides an environment that nurtures and develops the individuality, potential, and self-worth of its students and upholds the rights. The entire team is friendly and supportive. Due to the current crisis situation in education, the system has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Children are not getting proper ways to participate in such talent competitions, in this platform which opens up to the world of diverse, valuable activities that grows with the community. BBIT distributed school uniforms for children both boys and girls, they gave out these uniforms to approx. 600 nos. of less privileged children on the same day. Talking about the initiative,

Mr. Jagannath Gupta, Chairman of BBIT, said, “This is a great way to inspire children ’screativity and develop their passion-filled skills. We have always nurtured young talent and tried to provide a platform to such blooming minds. This sit and draw art Competition is one such medium for the not so fortunate kids to gain an opportunity to express and showcase their art. ”About The BBIT Public School aims to be an “Institution of Excellence” dedicated to producing leaders of tomorrow. The school is driven by a “Vision of nurturing an educational space where learning is defined by the child’s inherent desire to learn”. BBIT Public School is committed to providing its students with an exemplary education, based on international best practices. We aim to encourage intellectual curiosity, collaborative and critical thinking, and effective communication.

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