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An afternoon of insightful discussion and conversations

Top Food Bloggers Awards, a platform initiated and organised by Candid Communication & Sidd’s Hospitality with the aim to honour and celebrate the excellent work of the young and vibrant social influencers and bloggers, had an exclusive Panel Discussion Session on “emerging Culinary trends influencing the way we eat, cook and communicate’’ at International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Salt Lake, Sector V Campus today. The occasion was graced by Mrs. Sanjukta Bose(Director,IIHM Kolkata), Chef Sanjay Kak(Culinary Director- IIHM and Indismart Global limited), Ms.Birgit Holm(General Manager of Hyatt Regency,Kolkata), Mr. Mizan Uddin(Hotel Manager,ibis Kolkata Rajarhat) Mr. Suman Chakraborty(CEO, Roman Books), in Conversation with Ms. Paromita Ghosh( Director, Candid Communication)along with some of the Senior Bloggers of the city- Mr. Indrajit Lahiri, Ms. Rukshana A. Kapadia, Ms. Poorna Banerjee & Ms. Luna Chatterjee.

The food industry around us is changing at an incredible speed, and thus the industry keeps on evolving. The growth in technology has indeed had a notable impact on how and what we eat. Moreover, with improved standards of living, many young professionals have begun to experiment in their eating habits.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Paromita Ghosh, Director, Candid Communication, said, “I believe that bloggers bind the society together and blogging has emerged as the new trend in today’s food industry. We hope that we are able to change perceptions with this session today and are glad that we learnt something new and interesting”.

Mrs. Sanjukta Bose(Director,IIHM Kolkata), said “Today’s youth are more into social media. We at IIHM, encourage the students to follow the food bloggers of the city. The food bloggers through their restaurant reviews plays an important role in the the food industry and influence it’s audience.”

Chef Sanjay Kak(Culinary Director- IIHM) said, “The food industry in the last decade has seen a growth of the blogging community .Bloggers are play an important role to reach the target audience.”

Mr. Mizan Uddin(Hotel Manager,ibis Kolkata Rajarhat) said, “The millennials today are changing the way we eat. They are more into social media especially instagram.”

Mr. Suman Chakraborty(CEO, Roman Books) said, “Its my immense pleasure to be part of the panel discussion. I feel that the rise in the interest of blogging and social media has a severe impact on the downfall of the publishing industry and food magazines.”

Ms.Birgit Holm(General Manager of Hyatt Regency,Kolkata) said, “Blogging is getting stronger day by day. The restaurants and brands in the food industry In Eastern India, can reach the youth today through the bloggers”.

Ms. Rukshana A. Kapadia(Owner of the Blog Name-The Culinary Commentator)said, “With the increase us of technology , I believe it can be used responsible and can help in spreading blogging further. I think the restaurants or brands do realize that bloggers is an important part of society and the general public the brands cater to is more open to the views of the bloggers. Bloggers contributes to the food industry by reflecting the brand image and adding brand value. ”

Mr. Indrajit Lahiri(Owner of the Blog Name-Moha Mushkil) said, “I feel the future of blogging in the food industry is brilliant. Social media helps a blogger to achieve popularity whereas blogging helps a blogger to achieve immortality. Blog helps a blogger in achieving proper documentation. A blogger should be well read and informed”

Ms. Poorna Banerjee(Owner of the Blog Name-Presented by P) said ,” I believe a blogger should not trash restaurants. They should constantly work on improving their work. A food blogger should be good in writing and compel it’s audience to go back to the restaurant they just reviewed.”

Ms. Luna Chatterjee(Owner of the Blog Name-Mad Food Lover ) said ,” As a blogger I try to reach as many audience as possible. The food industry has grown immensely in the last few years, this is because the people of this city loves to eat, experiment and explore. ”

The discussions were mostly around the different emerging trends which influence everyone’s eating and cooking lifestyle. The panel discussion also highlighted the growing adaption of latest mobile application for fastest food ordering, inclination towards organic and healthy foods, acceptance of foreign oriental cuisines, increasing demand in fusion foods and moreover, growing popularity of Molecular Gastronomy.

The session concluded on different perspectives and insights from the thought leaders of the food industry to lead any change with more conviction and confidence– and improve eating lifestyle for a healthy future.

Top Food Bloggers Awards 2019 proud partners are Anti Hangover partner is LIVitup,Photography Partner is Sagar Photographer,Digital & Technology Partner is Ndimension Labs,F & B Partner for the Nominee Celebration is Sanjha Chulha,Makeover and Fashion is The Princess Diary,Hospitality Partner for the Announcement Press Conference is The Astor Hotel,Radio partner is Friends FM,Documentation Partner is Studio15,Hospitality Partner for the Panel Discussion is IIHM, Kolkata, Hospitality Partner for the Grand Finale is Jameson Inn Shiraz,Media Partner is Millennium Post,Channel Partner is Siti Events,Official Airline Partner is Thai Airways,Gift Partner is Auli.


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