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An eclectic concoction of Bengal’s heritage & fashion: The Bengal Fashion Heritage 2018

 TheBengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCC&I) is launching a grand initiative to reinvent and preserve Bengal’s rich handloom and embroidery heritage to enhance the livelihood of weavers and artisans in West Bengal. This initiative is called “THE BENGAL FASHION HERITAGE (TBFH)”.

The pre launch curtain raiser was held today in Kolkata with a glimpse of the celebratory show to be organized on the 22nd December 2018 showcasing the special collection of 12 renowned fashion designers.

Dr Rupali Basu, Founder Director of the Bengal Fashion Heritage said, “TBFH not only aims to create platform for the master weavers and artisans in Bengal but also to promote their craft in national and international space. We are in the process of establishing an online store also so that more designers can come on board and promote their exquisite work to a broader audience”.

Mr. Indrajit Sen, President – BCC&I said, “We are bringing all the stakeholders together along with the business leaders, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs to support this cause and take this initiative forward to create new business opportunities”.

Mr. Subhodip Ghosh, Director General – BCC&I said, “TBFH also aims to propose to the central and state government to start a council dedicated to embroidery and handwork in the form of wearables. It also has plans to organize seminars and workshops to create more awareness about the intrinsic work and patterns by the artisans and taking it to the people by the designer”.

Ms Maika Varma , Deputy Director ofTBFH said, “On 22nd December this year we are presenting the collection of 12 brilliant designers who have created exclusive collections primarily on chosen six categories: Batik, Kantha, Zardozi, Block Print, other thread embroideries and Weaves. The haute couture ensembles will be presented in one power packed show.’

Ms Pinky Kenworthy, Deputy Director of TBFH added that the show is based on the theme ‘Walk in Winter Silk’ as the specially created ensembles for this show are in silk weaves only.

The participating designers are:

1. Abhishek Ray: Threadwork with zardozi in silk

2. Adarsh Makharia, OSAA by Adarsh: Wisteria (Japanese flower) link in Bengal

3. Ayushman Mitra, BOBO Calcutta: Mirage of contemporary art forms that create a surreal hyper maximist statement

4. Bappaditya Biswas, Byloom: Bengal contemporary weaves with Silk, sarees and jackets

5. Chinmoy Basu, Meera Basu: Traditional weaves of Bengal with a modern touch

6. Ekta and Ruchira, EkRu: Contemporary collection with Dhakai weaves on handloom cotton

7. Kavita Banerjee, Bon Bibi: Batik & gota on silk and other fabrics

8. Malika Varma: Malika’s Kantha Collection; Kantha in it’s contemporary avatar

9. Pranay Baidya: Bengal Block Printing in Multicolour

10. Paromita Banerjee: Tussar and silk, revive older motifs of Jamdani; sarees and outfits Paromita Banerjee: Tussar and silk, revive older motifs of Jamdani; sarees and outfits

11. Sharbari Datta, Shunyaa:bringing in classic newness to her signature punjabis in Silk.

12. Sayantan Sarkar: Aztec in Bohemian Style in silk weaves woven in Bengal, fusion wear, festive clothing inspired by nomadic lifestyle


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