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Vedacure vows to spread Wellness And Care In The Latest Leader’s Meet

Vedacure a company dedicated to creating beauty and wellness product today had a leaders meeting to discuss future plans for the company’s growth.

Veda means knowledge and Vedacure wants to provide everyone an easy knowledge or solution for cure be that for health issue or beauty .Todays meeting was held in Galary Gold and the the date itself bears a significant message that Vedacure wanted to convey to people out there about the no hierarchy workplace formation and friendly environment in the company.Each and every one related with the business is a partner or leader.

Vedacure vows to spread Wellness And Care In The Latest Leader's Meet

MD Tushar Biswas opened today afternoons meet with a teasing note about the rainy weather outside and leaders’ enthusiastic participation disregarding the dampening fact.
After that each leader was acknowledged with a badge and they let their appreciation for Vedacure know in a few words.

Today’s meeting was a formal sesssion to discuss future plan to expand the business but the tone was very light from the very beginning till the end.Company’s MD repeatedly reminded the equal partnership of each member and discussed plans and their end goal with the partner and the promise the future holds.
The saying encouraging good work brings positivity in people is very well ingrained thought in MD Biswas’s mind .So MD handed the mementos along with new Director of the company Sushavan Saha to the people who excelled in their work.
The meeting ended with a light note and promises to do better and meet again .

Vedacure vows to spread Wellness And Care In The Latest Leader's Meet


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