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Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Bhowanipur 75 Palli Durga Puja

The members of Bhowanipur 75 Palli have taken up the challenge to discover the theme “MAA” which was inaugurated today by Smt. MAMATA BANERJEE, Chief Minister of West Bengal. Bhowanipur 75 Palli is one of the eye catcher puja of the city for its innovative concept and celebration style. This Puja is particularly famous for its unique style of pandals and also for the social work which the committee carries out throughout the year.

The name ‘Bhowanipur 75 Palli’ is at present regarded as an emerging star amongst the leading theme pujas of south Kolkata. Incessantly for the past few years our puja presents new themes which has created a firm place in millions of heart across the globe, likewise keeping the continuation going in this year 2020 our puja came up with a new line of thought “MAA‟‟, which is to be showcased through the means of our puja theme. Everyone‟s life across the globe has come to a standstill due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID 19. Everybody is fearing death. So this year 2020 on our 56th year of the puja, we have kept the theme „MAA‟ as we want the Goddess to eradicate the virus as she had dismantled the demon to save humanity. This year we would pray to the Almighty that her Earth should get back to normalcy sooner than later. Somewhere from deep inside we are hopeful that Goddess Durga will not turn us down and will hear our pleading and will kill the corona demon so that we can soon get back to normal life. We hope and pray that through this festivity everyone stays happy and fit.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Subir Das, Club Secretary said, “After the huge success of 55th year, the entire team of Bhowanipur 75 Palli is fully charged up for this year. We will be promoting young talent Sri Animesh Das as an artist
with a perfect theme which blends this 56th year and make it a success story once again by showcasing this Years theme ‘MAA‟. To take our puja on a global platform we have tied up with LSU (London Sharod Utsav). We will have
proper measures in place to ensure revellers maintain physical distance. The road leading to the pandal won‟t have barricades on its two sides. We are confident that people would not only appreciate our pujo but would also like the arrangements made to keep Corona away this year”.

PREVIOUS THEMES: Bhowanipur 75 Palli is now celebrating its 56th year with theme “MAA” and hoping for immense appreciation too as always. The Committee has always tried to create a niche amongst all contemporary pujas
by bringing about uniqueness through the concept and in the thought process that goes into the festivity like pandal creation, idol, ambience, safety and communal harmony. After the success of “Neel Sadae Ek Tukro Bhawanipur”
followed by “Maa-Er Anchol”, “O amar Desher Maati (Oh, the land of my country) with ‘Juta Abishkar by Rabindranath Tagore’, ‘Aarshinagar’, „Aamar Swapno Bhowanipur-e…London‟, „Khuje Paoa Smritir Khata, Ulte Paata Sonai Katha‟ and last year we celebrated ‘Nagor Dolaye Sobar Pujo’ and other unconventional out of the box themes. Bhowanipur 75 Palli is now celebrating its 56th year and hoping for immense appreciation too as always.
Bhowanipur 75 Palli has been known for its state of the art presentation over the years and hopefully this year will be even grander.

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