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Earth Day With Earthwear- An Enlightening Online Session On Sustainable Living: Need Of The Hour

With the ongoing lockdown across the country, we all have noticed, that the Earth has started to reboot itself, to breathe again. But a national lockdown shouldn’t be the only time when nature and the Earth are free to rejuvenate themselves. We need to help Earth heal on a day-to -day basis.

With this thought, on the occasion of Earth Day, Earthwear came up with a brilliant online session, where a group of eminent panelists discussed the topic ‘Sustainable Living: Need of the Hour.’

Vineeta Ganeriwala Gupta, Founder & Director, Earthwear opened the session and highlighted the need for sustainable fashion saying that ‘sustainable fashion does not only address fashion textiles and products. It considers fashion from the perspective of many stakeholders-producers, consumers, and the environment. Hence, one should be fair and responsible towards their craftsmen, tailors, employees, consumers and the environment too. Being completely sustainable as a fashion brand or as an individual might not always be possible, but what is possible is that we, as responsible brands and/or individuals, do the best that we can in ensuring sustainable practices at different levels in our businesses and homes.

Conceptualized by Tericom – was Moderated by Dr. Tehnaz Dastoor and brought a number of other eminent personalities too from various fields of interest together to lead the Curated by Ritusmita Biswas, the session discussions.

G.M. Kapur, State Convener Member, Governing Council INTACH; Shruti Ghose, Co-founder & Director at Garbage Free India-GFI; Navpreet Arora, Founder of FunonStreets ; Lisha Jain, Director of Vertcart; Bashobi Tewari- propreitor of Green Earth were the 5 other panelists for the session.

The session which began at 4.30 pm on Zoom saw a lively interchange of ideas by the panelists and numerous questions posed to them by the participants which they ably answered.

As GM Kapur noted: “To be a sustainable society, we need to look after our need but should curb our greed.” He also highlighted the plight of our tourism industry, with its uncontrolled teeming visitors and suggested that more needs to be done by the government to control our tourist sites for our monuments to survive.

Today as we stand, facing multiple envíronmental issues, choosing a sustainable lifestyle is the only option. This session highlighted all this and much more for people to understand the need and importance of choosing sustainable living.

About Earthwear
Earthwear is the brainchild of Manav Gupta and Vineeta Ganeriwala Gupta which has been manufacturing sustainable casual and party ethnic wear for women. Based in Kolkata, this brand brings together natural, handcrafted, cost effective and sustainable fashion for women and dedicates itself for the revival of Indian craftsmanship and skills.

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